Are Ford F150s Expensive To Repair?

The Ford F-150 is North America’s best-selling truck by some distance, and the sheer number of models sold means its one of the most widely available trucks for sale on the used market. But buying any used truck can be a little risky, with the chance of increased repair and maintenance bills if you buy the wrong model.


With this in mind, what are the repair costs like with the Ford F-150? Read on to find out.


Overall Reliability


Very few trucks are designed completely perfectly, and all models will show some reliability problems specific to the pickup. However, the Ford F-150 fares much better than most. The majority of the problems reported over the years are fairly minor, with faulty spare tires, headlight problems, and occasional electrical issues the most common.


Compare this to other trucks which have known problems in much more fundamental areas including the engine, transmission, and steering mechanisms, and the Ford F-150 is a reliable choice.


Repair Frequency


In a recent survey, the average time between unscheduled repairs was measured for the most popular pickups, with the majority of trucks needing attention every three to five years. The F-150 falls nearer the three-year mark than the five-year mark, which might make it seem a more expensive choice. However, the devil is in the detail here, and the chance of the repair being an major and costly one was only 15%. For the vast majority of the time, any repairs needed will be minor and quick to accomplish.


Availability of Repair Technicians and Parts


Lastly, one of the most important points to bear in mind about repairing the Ford F-150 is that thanks to the huge number of vehicles sold, every truck mechanic will be very familiar with the inner workings of the model. What’s more, economies of scale mean that the parts needed in any repair will be easily available from most major stockists.


Both of these points mean that you can take your Ford F-150 to almost any reputable repair shop and be sure of receiving quality work, with high competition keeping the price as low as possible. Compare this to rarer trucks, where you might face a delay on sourcing parts or paying a premium for specialist attention, and the Ford F-150 will work out to be less expensive to repair.


Keeping Ford F-150 Repair Costs Down


The best way to keep your Ford F-150 repair costs as low as possible is to maintain a comprehensive servicing schedule to find and fix problems before they become expensive. Buy a used Ford F-150 truck from us and you can enjoy the highest quality servicing levels both before and after purchase, to ensure years of trouble-free driving.


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