Dodge Grand Caravan vs Toyota Sienna

If you are looking for a dependable and versatile family vehicle, there is a good chance that you thought about checking out the Dodge Grand Caravan. For decades, the Grand Caravan name has been synonymous with quality and dependability. Year after year, millions of families have trusted this vehicle to get them safely to their destination.

Although the Grand Caravan has been a popular vehicle for years, it is certainly not the only vehicle in its class. The Toyota Sienna is another popular model that also offers a wide range of advanced features. To help you decide which minivan may be right for you, we have compared these two models. Here is a look at the Dodge Grand Caravan and the Toyota Sienna.

What’s New for This Year’s Model?

Both of these vehicles have received several updates for the 2020-year model. This was the last year that Dodge produced the Grand Caravan. In 2021, the Grand Caravan moved from Dodge to Chrysler, but still kept many of the same popular features. Here is a look at some of the exciting new features that you can find on both of these vehicles.

Dodge Grand Caravan

This year, the Caravan adds a few new style and comfort features to the vehicle. In the SE model, second-row passengers can enjoy an extra level of comfort with the new captain’s chairs. The driver’s seat now comes with an 8-way power-adjustable system. And the interior seats can be adorned in a stylish black upholstery that features a bright red accent stitching.

Toyota Sienna

All of the trim levels that are offered on the Sienna remain widely unchanged. However, this year, the Sienna does offer a stylish Nightshade appearance package that is only available on the SE trim. This package adds either a set of 18-inch wheels or 19-inch wheels to the exterior. Also, stunning black accents can be found on several exterior components including the door handles, side mirrors, and grille.

Interior Comfort

The Dodge Grand Caravan is best known for its versatile interior. The cabin offers three rows of spacious seating and can comfortably seat up to seven passengers without anyone feeling too cramped or crowded. The versatile interior also allows you to customize your seating and interior cargo space to suite your needs. The iconic Stow ‘n Go system allows you to either store the seats or some of your small items safely and securely underneath the floorboard. There is an also an available rear entertainment system that features a large overhead monitor and a DVD player to help keep all of the backseat passengers entertained on long trips.

The Sienna has a basic interior layout. The cabin is able to seat up to eight passengers. However, it does not offer as much legroom and headspace as the Grand Caravan. This means that the backseat passengers may be able to fit in the back, but not as comfortably. You can also fold down the seats to customize your interior cargo space. But the seats are sometimes difficult to move from the up position to the down position.

Dodge Grand Caravan Now Available

If you are looking for a fun and spacious family vehicle, look no further than the Dodge Grand Caravan. We currently have several models to choose from. If you would like to schedule a test drive, please feel free to contact us today.