What is eTorque in a Jeep or Ram Truck?

The Jeep Coquitlam dealership is advertising the Jeep Wrangler for sale with eTorque. I also saw a Ram 1500 eTorque model for sale at Ram Coquitlam. What precisely is eTorque? How does it work? What are the benefits, if any, of having a truck with eTorque?


What is eTorque?


The eTorque option available in a vehicle is known as a Mild Hybrid. The procedure here is that the normal alternator in an engine gets replaced with a Belt Drive Motor Generator. A 48 Volt Battery Pack powers the new generator. The Belt Drive Motor Generator generates electricity which is then stored in the 48 Volt Battery Pack.

The motor generates electricity while the engine is running. It also generates electricity when the car slows down or brakes. This additional electricity is stored in the battery pack to keep it fully charged. It increases fuel efficiency and produces more torque.


How Does It Work?


With the eTorque option, the conventional alternator is replaced with a Belt Driven Motor Generator. In a vehicle with a traditional alternator, the alternator only generates electricity to charge the 12 Volt battery when the engine is running.


In an eTorque option, the electrical system is different. The Belt Driven Motor Generator generates electricity to charge the 12V battery but has other functions as well. It also generates electricity to store in the 48 Volt Battery Pack when the motor is running. The battery pack has a 430 Watt-hour Lithium-Ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt Graphite Battery.

The Battery Pack includes a 3Kw, direct current to direct current, (DC to DC) converter. This converter converts the 48 Volt electricity to 12 Volt electricity. The 12 Volt current can now charge the car battery and run the vehicle’s accessories, which runs on a 12 Volt current. The Motor Generator also generates electricity when you brake or decelerate to stop by a robot. This electricity would be lost with a traditional alternator.


What are the Benefits of eTorque?


When the eTorque option is installed in a truck, the engine generates, stores and utilizes energy that would normally go to waste. It increases fuel economy and produces more torque in the engine. In the Ram, the standard V6 gets a boost of 120 lb-ft. In the Jeep, the standard V8 creates 90 lb-ft more torque.


The extra torque increases towing and payload capabilities. The eTorque’s electronic SmartSystem has 6 modes of operation. Most important is the stop-start function. With the 48 Volt battery, the stop-start function is smooth. The other functions are eRoll assist, Uplift Rev matching, Downshift Rev matching, Electronic System Power when the 48 Volt battery converts energy to 12 Volt and regenerating breaks.


Jeep And Ram Trucks That Offer The eTorque Function


The increased power and other benefits of the eTorque system make for a super smooth ride. Book a test drive with your favourite truck fitted with the eTorque system in Coquitlam.


  • Jeep Coquitlam stocks the standard Jeep 3.6L V6 and optional Turbo 2L four-cylinder fitted with the eTorque system.
  • Ram Coquitlam stocks the standard Ram 3.6L V6 and optional 5.7L Hemi V8.