What is the eTorque in Jeep and Ram Trucks?

The new Wrangler and Ram trucks showcase a new eTorque system. This new eTorque system is being utilized for the first time. This electric assistance system helps drivers get improved acceleration from a stop, better responsiveness and more torque or power on demand.

What Is The eTorque System?


The eTorque system is an electrically-driven auxiliary power unit (APU). It is designed to provide torque and power to the engine on demand. Its small size means it can fit where larger components can’t, providing torque in the optimal location for optimum power delivery. It also means that eTorque doesn’t take up much space in your engine bay, which is a plus for owners looking for a cleaner appearance in their engines.

eTorque is the name of a technology used to upgrade Ram and Jeep trucks. It replaces the traditional alternator with a 48-volt battery system. This provides greater fuel efficiency, better performance, and improved off-road capabilities in these powerful vehicles.

More Efficiency


To get into a little more detail, the eTorque system improves fuel economy and increases torque through regenerative braking and engine management. This means when you hit the brakes, your truck is going to be capturing energy rather than wasting it—so that energy can be used later when you need a boost of torque. When it comes to engine management, your truck will be able to monitor temperature and other information and make adjustments as needed to make sure the engine stays in top shape.

Here’s why eTorque is an excellent system:

  • First off, this system uses a belt-driven motor and lithium-ion batteries, giving you significantly better fuel economy than many of our competitors’ models.
  • If you’re looking for more torque, eTorque delivers there too. This means you can tow bigger loads and go farther with what you need to take along for the ride.
  • Finally, the electric hybrid technology allows your engine to turn off earlier when idling or decelerating. This means that you can use less fuel and be kinder to the environment by reducing your vehicle’s emissions when you’re not running at full capacity.

A Better Experience


eTorque is a hybrid system that uses a belt starter generator (BSG) to aid the internal combustion engine. It’s designed to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and enhance the vehicle’s performance. The Li-ion battery pack recaptures energy lost during deceleration and braking, then stores it for use when you need additional power.

The word “mild” indicates that eTorque does not have enough electrical power to move the vehicle on its own but can assist the gas engine in doing so.



The new eTorque system is based on the company’s current BorgWarner transmission. Interestingly enough, this is the same unit used in the new Jeep Wrangler. The system allows for leaner engine calibrations to be used, and there are also fuel-economy improvements.

The torque is that extra bit of power you never knew you needed when pulling out of the alley or cruising down your favourite highway. eTorque features are handy when you need them, and eTorque Jeep and eTorque Ram are right on track with reducing emissions while raising the bar of what consumers want.